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Childrens Mental Health

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Be Happy Resources  

"A unique online wellbeing resource centre for children age 3-11"- Some fabulous resources and activities for your little ones which are easily searchable by age/activity or theme (e.g. separation anxiety, anger etc)

childrens mental health resources

Natter Matters Card Game -  Rosie Johnson Illustrates

A lovely set of cards with open-ended questions, perfect for playing/discussing at the dinner table.

childrens mental health

Zones of Regulation Tools To Try Cards 

"Learning to self-regulate our Zones is hard, serious work that takes time and lots of practice. Tools to Try Cards for Kids includes 4”x 6” tool cards and is an easy, user-friendly way to introduce over 50 self-regulation strategies to kids ages 5–10 and empower them to make choices toward figuring out what works best for them."

These cards go with lessons 'introducing tools for use with Zones' from Chapter 4 in the curriculum book; The Zones of Regulation which will be being taught at UK schools in 2023.

zones of regulation toolkit


It's Your World Now - Barry Falls

Honestly, this is my absolute favourite book to read to the children. Not only is it beautifully illustrated and it rhymes (love a rhyming book) but it has a lovely message to remind them that even though things won't always go their way, they will always be loved.

 "A beautiful, moving and funny celebration of life that highlights the potential of each and every child. This is the perfect book to read out loud - helping children to appreciate the wonderful things that exist in the world, and the great things that they can do. It also allows them to understand some of the setbacks that may occur along the way. And the overall message is that whatever happens, you will always be loved by those closest to you."

Its your world now

 The Invisible String - Patrice Karst

"Specifically written to address children’s fear of being apart from the ones they love" -  a really lovely book to support children with separation anxiety, so they know that even when they are not with their families they are still connected. This is also a good book to support children dealing with loss.

the invisible string

A Better Day: Your Positive Mental Health Handbook - Dr Alex George

"What if we could think of mental health in a positive way? Sweep away the rain clouds. Talk about what's on our minds. And care for our mental health in the same way we look after our bodies.

A Better Day is a positive, accessible and practical toolkit guiding young readers in how they can care for their mental health with confidence.

From peer pressure and exam stress to online trolls and anxiety, life can be mentally draining. But though life is full of ups and downs, there are ways you can stay on top of your mental health - including overcoming stigma, talking about your feelings, developing resilience and switching your mindset.

This book provides all the scaffolding and practical techniques to help you do this, so though you might be having a hard time right now, you can look toward your future with optimism and positivity. Because no matter what, there is always hope for a better day."

A better day : Dr Alex George

You're a Star (and other books from the series) - Poppy O'Neil

"This practical guide combines proven cognitive-behavioural therapy methods used by child psychologists in schools with simple activities to help your child grow their self-esteem. It’s aimed at children aged 7–11 because a lot happens in these years that can impact a child’s sense of self-worth, not just now but for years to come."

This is a lovely book with activities to do with your child, it also opens up some great conversations. There are many more in the series including  'Don't Worry Be Happy' and 'You Can Do Amazing Things'.

your'e a star poppy o'neil

Wise Words & Support

The Body Happy Org 

Positive body image resources for parents/schools supporting children @bodyhappyorg

 body happy kids


Instagram accounts to follow

I refer to these accounts a lot on Instagram as they have such lovely advice on supporting children with big emotions, including separation anxiety.

@dr.martha.psychologist - Dr Martha Deiros Collado, Clinical Psychologist

@the_psychologists_childDr Kimberley Bennett, Psychologist

Gently Supporting Children to Transition into School, Preschool or Childcare - course by Kimberley Bennett

@drbeckyatgoodinside - Dr Becky Kennedy, Psychologist


Useful videos

Brain Basics: Explaining Anxiety To Kids

Amazing Things Happen - Explaining Autism To Kids


Young Minds UK

"The UK's leading mental health charity for young people" - support and advice for young people & their parents/carers.

Young Minds also has a free parent support phone line (or web chat) 0808 802 5544

 young peoples mental health



If your child would like to speak to someone they can call Childline. There are also a number of resources and activities on their website for children.




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