Ethics & Sustainability

Let's take things slow! No fast fashion fads here.

Our impact on the environment is really important to us. Here are some of the things we are doing to be kind to our planet...

  • We create classic designs that can be loved forever not influenced by fast fashion trends
  • Our garments are excellent quality and made to last and designed to be kept forever/repurposed as a keepsake when they no longer fit- so they won't end up in land fill (check out our repurposing tutorials)
  • We use ethical suppliers for our clothing, material is all Oeko-Tex certified with vegan/organic options on styles. Did you know our aprons are made from recycled plastic bottles!
  • All of our items are currently made to order, reducing energy and waste.
  • Most of our outbound packaging is recyclable (except from the tape on our boxes at the moment) and we reuse as much of our inbound packaging as we can.
  • The vinyl we use for our prints is made from recycled blended polysters and in 2022 we will be joining in the brand new and worlds first project to turn offcuts into energy with our supplier
  • We currently save even the tinyest of vinyl scraps for secret messages and for other creative projects (with the kids!)

There is of course plenty of room for improvement which we are continuously striving to do. We welcome any suggestions you may have-

little things by lucy

Giving something back to the community is also really important to me and as a company.

During the COVID-19 pandemic I founded a project which I am so proud of called The Cheerful Little Letter Project where we have been matching families with care home residents so they can be sent some happy post to spread some cheer. I have now extended this to include a second project matching children to be pen pals with each other too! The project has continued to run seasonally, our next planned letter drop will be at Easter if you or your little ones would like to get involved.

We have always quietly donated throughout the year to good causes and those in need of a pick-me-up, but this year we are making it official with our brand new Together Always Campaign. You can now nominate a child or parent/carer who is undergoing hospital treatment to receive one of our gifts. When a family member needs to receive hospital treatment it can be a scary and isolating time. We want to support families by offering them some comfort, connection and motivation with our patch and pin gifts. We fund this campaign using the profits from website sales of our Together Always Kiss Pins.

At Olive & Pip happiness, kindness and giving is at the heart of everything we do.

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