Our story

Welcome to the joyful world of Olive & Pip!

 Home of the Love Notes and Secret Messages. We are a purpose led small business specialising in making lovely things to help you and your little ones feel loved, happy, confident and connected (even when you are not together) alongside our playful clothing and gifts made from their own artwork.

We want to promote positive mental wellbeing for both children and grown-ups, whether it be through helping you feel close to one another, creating happy moments or providing opportunities for you to spread joy through one of our campaigns (studies show that when you do good, you feel good too!).

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The journey…

Hi! I am Lucy,  mum of two, and Olive & Pip is inspired by children Ella and Jake (or “Olive and Pip” when they were being baked in my tummy!). My heart melts when the kids come home from school with little love letters for me. In fact, the kisses on my logo were taken directly from one of these notes which was also one of the first drawings I transformed into a little bag for myself (this is when I knew every parent should own one of these!). I still use this bag, and it still makes me smile every day.

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Whilst I will always enjoy making cute stuff from your kids artwork, the business has grown into much more than that. We know that by using your loved ones handwriting we can bring comfort, connection and confidence when you and your little ones need it most. 

In 2022 I designed a collection based on my own experiences with my daughter who suffers with separation anxiety and I know what my mission is; to help others who for whatever reason need to be apart. Whether it’s being at school or work, spending time in hospital receiving treatment or because of sadly losing someone loved.

Established in 2016, the business might have grown from the early days but our purpose remains the same: to spread love, joy and happiness!

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Children's Drawings

Keepsakes shouldn't be locked away somewhere; we create really special gifts that can be treasured forever but also enjoyed every day.

You don’t need me to tell you about the joy that kids artwork brings! Most of us know the feeling when your little one presents you with a crumpled up love letter or hilarious portrait of grandad with a giant nose. But our mission is to take those moments and make something that not only looks great but makes you feel great too! We make clothing you and your kids will want to wear every day, and gifts for the proud grandparents that they will want to show everyone who comes around.

Our signature metallic print makes their gorgeous doodles and love notes really pop!

We know you don’t want to forget a single moment of your kids growing up.

We make....

✌️ Colourful comfy unisex kids clothes, let kids be kids. Let their imaginations run wild and let them be proud of their creativity.

✌️Artwork and homeware bursting with joy. Taking all of the best bits from your little ones artwork and preserving it forever while also brightening up your home.

✌️Spreading love and joy through beautiful gifts that your little ones will love giving as much as the lucky person will love opening!


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Feel connected

Why do we love working with your love notes? Because everyone deserves to feel LOVED. And we know that by printing these teeny little secret messages somewhere visible, you and your children will get the warm fuzzy feels every time you look at them. Handwriting is so personal, it gives a deep connection bringing people closer together even when they are apart. 

We make...

✌️ Clothes for grown ups that make them feel close to their children. Comfy, good quality clothes that last, that make you smile every day.

✌️Lovely stuff to help your little ones feel loved, happy, confident and connected - even when they are apart from you.

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Charity, Community & Giving Back

 At Olive & Pip happiness, kindness and giving is at the heart of everything we do.

In 2020 we started The Cheerful Little Letter Project; matching children with care home residents so they could send each other happy post and spread a little joy during the pandemic. We now run the project seasonally and in 2023 we are starting an exciting new project with Age UK where children can become pen pals with elderly people who live alone to combat loneliness and isolation.

We have always quietly donated throughout the year to good causes and those in need of a pick-me-up, but this year we are making it official with our brand new Together Always Campaign. You can now nominate a child or parent/carer who is undergoing hospital treatment to receive one of our gifts. When a family member needs to receive hospital treatment it can be a scary and isolating time. We want to support families by offering them some comfort, connection and motivation with our patch and pin gifts. We fund this campaign using the profits from website sales of our Together Always Kiss Pins.

the cheerful little letter project

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childrens drawing gifts

  If you have any questions or you would like to talk about your ideas, please get in contact, We’d love to hear from you!

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little things by lucy

Your gifts are brought to life using the highest quality materials and the talents of our small, friendly team in our design studio in Newport Pagnell.