How to make yours

It's really easy to make your drawing gift!

  1. Draw your picture using a dark felt tip pen on plain white paper
  2. Take a photo in good light
  3. Upload your photo with your order

childrens drawing gift

For Secret Message Hoodies, Sweaters and Bags

Your note should be fairly short basic so it can fit in the small print area. If you have a longer note that has already been made, we can edit it for you to use your favourite parts. Or we could potentially split it across two sleeve prints.

secret message sleeve print 

For logo style prints

These also need to be fairly small/basic to fit within the small print area. We can edit the drawing to just take our your favourite parts if its too large for this style of print (or you could use it for a full front print instead)

logo style print

 For Baubles and Christmas Decorations

These also have a small print area and the vinyl we use is extra fiddly (different to the type we use on our fabric items) so we can only use basic drawings (not too small/detailed) or a few words, and it is important to have the image made with a felt tip pen so the lines will be thick enough for us to cut out. You can use our photos within the product listings to get a good idea of what we can fit.

personalised christmas bauble

For Patches

These have the smallest print area and we recommend 2-3 words max for original 7cm patches. You can make sure your writing will fit by drawing the shape of a heart and arranging your message within it, we will delete the heart when we edit it. As the print is small its really important to use a felt tip if you can so the lines are thick enough for us to cut out.

Larger 10cm patches can have slightly longer messages at around 5-6 words.

love note heart patch

Why can't we just make the whole drawing/note smaller?

The way we print is by cutting your drawing out of vinyl (they are not printed with ink), this means the lines need to be thick enough for us to be able to cut them out and for them to have enough surface space to adhere properly to the fabric. In most cases we do thicken the lines a little when we edit the drawings, but this isn't possible when making a very large or detailed drawing much smaller as we would loose too much detail.

vinyl weeding 

If your drawing/note has been made with a biro or pencil

We know you can't always plan what your little love notes get written with. We can still work with drawings thats haven't been made with a felt tip, but if the writing is very small we may loose a bit of the detail (for example the holes within some letters). If you are not sure if we can use it please send us a photo before you order and we will be happy to give you some advice on the style of print that would work best.

memory handwriting gift

Little tip...

To get the most out of the space on your chosen product if your little one is creating a new drawing for their product- use your paper in the same orientation as the space you will be filling for your product.

For example, a landscape picture would work best on our wash bags and a portrait picture would work best on our tote bags

This isn't essential so don't worry if it has been made in any other way (and don't forget we can always edit the drawings if you would like us to) but just a little tip for new pictures!

Print colour options:




Dark Pink

Neon Pink


Glow In The Dark

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Metallic Copper

Metallic Rose Gold


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