The Together Always Campaign

When a family member needs to receive hospital treatment it can be a scary time, made worse by having to be apart from your loved ones. We want to support families by offering them some comfort, connection and motivation with our patch and pin gifts. You can now nominate a child/parent who is undergoing treatment to receive a gift:

Our personalised Patches can be sewn onto a hoodie, snuggly blanket, favourite cuddly toy or popped into a pocket. They might have a motivational message from a child to their parent to keep them going while receiving their treatment, or a love note from a parent to their child to give them comfort while they are apart. We can also offer a pair of hearts so you can each have one.

Our Kiss Pins are designed to come as a pair, they can be popped onto clothing or a bag so you each have one and you can remain connected while you are apart.

How it works:

  • Nominate a child or parent/carer who is undergoing treatment to receive one of our products by filling out the form below. In the comment section please let us know the name of who you would like to nominate (you can nominate yourself), which product you would like and why you have nominated them.
  • We will be in touch and if we don't currently have the funds available to provide the gift straight away you will be added to the waiting list.
  • We raise funds for this campaign through the sales of our Together Always Kiss Pins- profit from each set sold goes directly towards funding these gifts.

together always campaign