• Our patches can be made with your own handwritten message (perfect if you would like something completely personal)

  • or you can choose from our pre-written messages (still personalised but even easier and quicker to order)

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Our patches are recommended by Child Psychologist Kimberley Bennett  

"When my son was starting Primary School, I was so excited to find Olive & Pip’s love heart patches.

As a mum (and psychologist) I couldn’t wait to order them for my little ones school uniform to help “bridge” that separation for him.

love heart patches for school uniform , separation anxiety support for children at school

Recommended by Netmums!

You may know that the inspiration behind our Love Note Patches was my daughter who suffered with separation anxiety at school. We were delighted to be asked for our story by Netmums, who thought the idea was "genius"!

love note iron on patch

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my handwriting

  1. Write your message using a dark felt tip pen on plain white paper
  2. Take a photo in good light
  3. Upload your photo with your order

Patches have a very small print area and we recommend 2-3 words max for original 7cm patches. You can make sure your writing will fit by drawing the shape of a heart and arranging your message within it, we will delete the heart when we edit it. As the print is small its really important to use a felt tip if you can so the lines are thick enough for us to cut out.

Larger 10cm patches can have slightly longer messages at around 5-6 words.

More getting your handwriting/drawings here

What if I would like different colours or messages on each patch?

The 'pack size' option you can see is for identical patches only because they are discounted (they are slightly faster to make this way).

But don't worry you can still order different multiple patches ☺️

If you would like each patch to be different you can add them to your cart one at a time, this way you will be able to upload different pictures or choose different messages for each.

Can they be washed as normal?


- Wash as normal at 30/40c

- Iron on the reverse (not directly onto the print)

- Sew-on patches can be tumble dried on low

How do I iron on my patch?

To iron on: Peel off the backing paper. Use an iron on the high without steam. Cover the patch with baking paper or thin fabric to protect the print and press down with the iron for 15-20 seconds. Leave to cool and check it has adhered.

*check the material that you would like to attach the patch to is iron safe (e.g. for backpacks), if it isn't you can sew the patch on as an alternative*

**We cannot guarantee the iron-on will stick permanently as it will depend on the material and how it is ironed on (but everything we have tested has stuck well for us through the wash). If you have problems with the iron-on the patches can be sewn into place as an alternative.

You can check out our video instructions for patches on YouTube here or on Instagram here:

Tips for getting your handwriting

Iron-on instructions

Sewing instructions

Love Note Patches

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