Our whole class teacher tote bags make such a great thank you gift for teachers and teaching assistants. Made with the childrens drawing or handwriting, they are super cute and useful for teachers to carry their bits and bobs from class to class!

teacher end of term thank you gift from the whole class

A bag with a difference

Our teacher tote bags are always a huge hit! We offer two versions, from one child with one drawing or from the whole class full of lovely faces for your teacher to remember for years to come!

While the whole class bags cost a little more (due to the extra time they take to edit and make), they actually work out much cheaper per family at around a couple of pounds each.

AND we offer additional bags at a reduced cost if you would like the same for teaching assistants too!

The perfect thoughtful gift for all your childrens teachers, sorted!

Whole Class Tote Bags

How to order

To make your bag please send us individual photos of each childs drawing/ handwritten name.

They can be emailed to us in one email along with your order number after you purchase to hello@oliveandpip.co.uk

*Important information*

For whole class bags its really important your drawings are made using a thick dark felt tip without too much detail. Due to the way we make these prints the lines need to be thick enough to be cut out when we print them, and we will most likely have to reduce the size of your drawings to fit them together on the bag.

Top tip: share the link for this page with the other parents so they can check out the instructions below 👇

Parents & Carers - How to get your drawings

Due to the size of the final prints it is really important to follow these steps please:

  • Use a dark felt tip pen with one colour only (e.g black)
  • Use plain white paper
  • Keep the drawings small/without too much detail (a face works best)
  • Take your photo in focus and in good lighting

Thank you so much 😊