Supporting your child with school drop off's

We have got two fabulous freebies to support you and your child for a calmer and more enjoyable (yes, really!) school drop off. Playing games, being silly and laughing releases endorphins (happy hormones!) which are bound to put you and your children in a much better mood in the mornings. They are also a great distraction from saying goodbye if it is something they struggle with.

How to use the activities below:

1) Click on the images/download buttons and print at home

2) Cut out the cards

3) Read the ideas below and add these to your list of strategies you can use in the mornings (top tip; its good to mix these up to avoid the novelty wearing off)

Fun things to do on the way to school

We like to flip the cards over and the children take turns in picking one for the walk to school. Or you might like to pick one for them and surprise them, or your child might want to see all of the options and choose their favourite.

The blank cards are for you to fill in your own ideas if you have some family favourite games!

fun things to do on the way to school game cards

fun things to do on the way to school games

Download it here

How would you like to to say goodbye today?

These cards offer a bit of fun for the goodbye moment. Your child can choose one action and one saying card giving them some choice and a feeling of control over the situation, or you could flip them and let them pick turning it into a game.

saying goodbye separation anxiety tools for school drop off

separation anxiety support for school drop offs

Download it here


A huge thanks to Be Happy Resources for sharing more of their fabulous printable childrens mental health resources with us. The game cards are from our collaboration toolkit School & Me (support with emotionally based school avoidance) and the goodbye cards are from their Separation Anxiety activity book (which you can access for free if you have purchased a patch from us). 


Be Happy Resources have over 300 printable childrens (and teens) mental health resources and activities which you can have unlimited access to for £2.49 a month. We use their activities all of the time and are huge fans!