starting primary school 2024

The first day of primary school is a big adventure for young children, filled with a mix of emotions.

As parents, we want to ensure our little ones are prepared to start this exciting journey. It’s very easy to get bogged down with what you think your little one’s should be able to do before they start school- you might be worried they can’t write their name yet or that they struggle to count, but please don’t worry about the academic stuff because this is what school is for! Instead focus your efforts on emotionally preparing them because if they have a good understanding of what school is all about, they will be much more likely to settle in feeling safe and secure, and ready to explore and learn!

What topics do we cover?


  • Making school feel like a safe place
  • Encouraging independence

Expert Advice: Toileting


  • Visualising school
  • Practicing separation
  • Preparing "picky eaters"


  • Helping your child to feel in control
  • Planning a routine
  • Supporting anxious children


  • Settling in
  • Regulating emotions
  • Separation and drop off's
  • An introduction to sensory strategies

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preparing your child for primary school
getting ready for school
helping your nervous child get prepared for school

"Absolutely LOVE this advice! We do most of these tips every day with our little girl"