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emotionally based school avoidance

We have joined forces with the amazing Be Happy Resources to bring you a workbook to help children aged 5-10 with school related worry and anxiety. 

If your child is anxious about school it might look like...

  • having trouble sleeping or worrying at bedtime
  • not wanting to get ready in the morning
  • a change in their work at school or home
  • a change in behaviour- getting more angry/sad at school or home/becoming more withdrawn
  • struggling at drop-off time
  • having meltdowns after school (even though they might seem "fine" when at school)
  • feeling unwell regularly such as having headaches or stomach aches

How we can help...

In collaboration with our own children we have come up with activities to help understand why your child may be struggling with school and to help them work through their worries, along with games and practical resources that can be used every day to support your child.

It includes:

  • A child-friendly introduction to anxiety relating to school and Emotionally Based School Avoidance
  • 21 engaging activities which can be worked through at your own pace together (and can be used to have discussions with teachers to support your children at school)
  • An accompanying parent/caregiver guide for each activity
  • Further reading and support contact details

Find out more and get your copy here!

school anxiety

The workbook is now live and available to purchase for £6. Get it for half price if you sign up to our mailing lists here!

 This booklet is for you if:

  • Your child worries about school
  • Your child struggles with drop-offs
  • Your tries to (or does) avoid going to school
  • You are unsure why your child is worrying about school
  • You know why your child is worrying and want to support them
  • You would like a something you can show your childs teacher to explain why they are anxious about school/ get some support in place