best gifts for children starting school

Best 3 Gifts To Support Children Starting School

I want to tell you a little bit more about my brand new gifts to support children starting school...

I talk quite a lot about separation anxiety in children, and although this range was designed for little ones who might struggle- the products I am about to show you are just as lovely for children who might not bat an eyelid at school drop off and are excited to get stuck in! 

I have picked my top three new products which are just perfect for children starting school, and I want to tell you about the differences between them to help you choose which would be best for your little one(s)!

Together Always Kiss Pins

One for me, one for you. Pop a pin on each others clothing for a visible kiss you can carry around. They are designed to give comfort and connection when you are apart, and having one each is where the connection lies as your little one knows you have one too.

The act of actually putting them on each day eases the moment of transition and they can be easily transferred onto any clothing, every day. They can be visible or hidden and tucked away somewhere secret.

These are perfect for:

  • Using every day, no matter what you are wearing
  • The option to wear somewhere hidden
  • Supporting transition times (such as school drop off)

together always kiss pin set

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Love Note Iron-On Patches

These sweet little heart shaped iron-on patches are made with your own personal message of love or support in your handwriting, so you can pop them on your childs clothing (or bag) and they can feel loved all day long.

They can be popped on something they wear every day such as their coat, or a favourite jacket that will become their special comfort one for days they need an extra boost.

These are perfect for:

  • Your own personalised (short) message to your child
  • Younger children who may not be able to read yet, but will understand the sentiment
  • Older children who might like a little token they can wear somewhere hidden
  • Matching and blending in with school uniforms

 handwriting heart patch

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Close-To-You Pocket Square

This personalised cotton square is made with your own handwriting and is the perfect size to be popped in your little ones pocket at school or when you are apart from each other. 

They can be used to ease transition times by popping them in a pocket at the moment you leave each other, or used on days when a little extra boost of confidence is needed.

These are perfect for:

  • Longer messages- suitable for children who can read
  • Children who might like to cuddle/hold onto something for comfort when they need it
  • Supporting transition times (such as school drop off) 

close to you pocket square

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Research shows a transitional object (something you can give your child at the point of leaving them) can help comfort children when you drop them off if they struggle with separation anxiety and I developed this range with that in mind. But these three designs are also perfect for times they need a little good luck token such as first-day nerves or a school test... and of course if you just want to spread a little love and send your child to school with something to remind them of you.

Starting school is a big step for children but also for us parents to adjust to! I know personally it has helped me to have a little connection throughout the day too while we are apart. But again, the great thing about these is that they are not just for children starting school but also older kids too, sometimes we all need a little extra boost of confidence/comfort to get us through the day!

As always, if you have any questions or wanted to send a picture of your handwritten note so we can check it before ordering please email us at :)

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