personalised mummy hoodie

Tracey & Freya: The Personalised Mummy Hoodie That Reminds You to Keep Going

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personalised mummy gift

Being a mummy might be one of the best jobs in the world, but at times it can be one of the hardest too. 

For Tracey, a horrible time fighting off Covid had meant that she really wasn’t feeling at her best. Despite trying to be there for her daughter, being ill had got Tracey down and she had started to feel like her best as a mum just wasn’t good enough. 

She knew it wasn’t just a case of getting better in her body, Tracey needed a boost for her mindset too. 


personalised mummy hoodie

The amazing truth about motherhood is that often when we think we’re letting our kids down, they don’t see it that way at all. The same was true in Tracey’s house - her daughter Freya still thought Mummy was amazing! 

To help herself focus on that, and not on feeling poorly or guilty, Tracey decided to treat herself to a little reminder of Freya’s love and appreciation. From notes that Freya had already written to her in the past, Tracey ordered a snuggly mummy hoodie with a special message printed near the cuff of one sleeve. 

personalised mummy hoodie

When Tracey’s hoodie arrived she was delighted with the colour and how soft and cosy it was to wear - but the best part of all was the message. Now, whenever Tracey looks down at her sleeve she reads four special words, printed in gorgeous shiny copper:

“I love you Mummy”


No matter how hard the day might get, that’s always something for Tracey to smile about ☺️

personalised mummy hoodie

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