Tori & Tallulah: A Personalised Phone Case Surprise

Tori & Tallulah: A Personalised Phone Case Surprise

Tori couldn't believe her luck when she won a Childrens Drawing Phone Case in a competition on Instagram. Her daughter Tallulah (5) struggles with confidence but loves to draw, so when she saw that the picture she drew had won it made her so happy!

 personalised drawing phone case

Tallulah drew her family, in the garden and sunshine. She drew mummy daddy, her sister and brother. She dressed herself up as a fairy. Then she did her best attempt of writing their names, Tori loved that she called Daddy "Babdy"!

It's arrived!

Tori let us decide on the colours for her design and wanted it to be a surprise. Their personalised phone case arrived on Friday the 13th, normally a bad day right? But the phone case arriving really made their day! The family were about to isolate again after catching covid for the second time this year and were having a pretty awful day but this really lifted their spirits! 

She showed her daughter and she cried ( happy tears of course!) to see her picture actually on her mummy's phone, she now shows everyone she see's which makes Tori so proud. She was also really happy with the surprise colours as they were exactly what she would have chosen!

children's own drawing phone case

"I love everything about this item. The phone case it’s self is AMAZING quality, it’s really protective of the phone screen as it wraps around. It’s extremely strong.

I love that fact it can be personalised to anything you’d like.. I can’t wait to order more for family! We’ve a few family members now who would like to get after seeing mine!"

children's drawing phone case

Tallulah loves her arts and crafts, she would spend hours and hours drawing if she could. She’s the kindest little soul, with so much love for everyone yet so little confidence in herself. Her artwork being printed on a phone case for her mummy has really helped boost her confidence which is another reason Tori loves it so much! Plus of course that she has a happy little picture of her family with me wherever she goes ☺️

You can make your own Childrens Drawing Phone Case here.

children's drawing phone case

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