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Steph & Noah: A Baby Keepsake Box for a Special First Birthday

a special first year

Reaching your baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone and one that Steph felt she would always want to remember.
 baby keepsake box
Steph felt proud of having grown, given birth to and raised her son over the last 12 months with the help of her family - and rightly so. The bond between mother and son was so strong and she wanted to find a special birthday gift to reflect all those moments of their first year together.
the perfect baby keepsake box
Steph’s nickname for Noah is ‘little orange’ because he’s got a touch of redhead about him, just like his mum. She got in touch for a chat and told us she would love to use that as the inspiration to personalise her baby keepsake box.  
After talking to Steph, we painted a tiny little orange on the letter ‘N’ of Noah’s box to reflect her affectionate name for him. We added an orange bow, a hand stamped tag and a very special message inside the box that’s for Noah’s eyes only. 
 baby keepsake box
As soon as she saw the keepsake box, Steph loved everything about it. “I was beaming, I couldn’t help but smile… I just completely loved it! It’s created so beautifully.”
baby keepsake box
Steph knows that for the time being Noah might not fully understand the significance of his keepsake box but it’s her hope that as he grows it will be a daily reminder of how much he’s loved. 
 first birthday keepsake box
For the time being the box is safe in the centre stage of Steph’s dresser but once Noah has his own room it will go into its rightful place with him. It’s a simple, beautiful and individual gift and just like Noah, there’s not another one like it in the world.  
baby keepsake box

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