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Sarah & Tilly: The Perfect Dad Apron for Fathers Day

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When it came to choosing a special Fathers Day gift for her husband, Sarah and  7 year old daughter Tilly just wanted Paul to know one thing: that in their eyes he was a ‘Super Daddy’.
Going in search of the perfect present, they wanted to find something personal, something fun but with meaning and that he would use. Since he is a bit of a BBQ king a personalised Dad Apron was the perfect fit! 
dad apron
super dad
Of course, this wasn’t any old apron. This was one with Tilly’s very own drawing printed onto it! A picture that she’d done especially for the occasion. Knowing that husband Paul loved to barbecue and cherished the things that Tilly made, Sarah just knew this would be a gift he would treasure forever. 
It wasn’t only Paul who was looking forward to Fathers Day either. Tilly was so proud of her work when she saw the apron that she wanted to give it to him there and then, she couldn’t wait for Daddy to receive his gift! This was Paul’s present but Tilly was being given a gift too; of pride and of being trusted as the keeper of a special family surprise. 
dad apron
dad apron 
When Fathers Day came and Paul opened his gift, the reaction couldn’t have been better. A huge grin, from him and from Tilly, and he put the apron on straight away.
dad apron
Since then it’s put in an appearance at the BBQ and we’re putting all those sausages lost between the grill down to Paul being too distracted by his apron to cook!
Paul also adores his Christmas jumper featuring some more of Tilly’s artwork (which was the first gift they bought from us). Now he has something for every season!
super dad apron
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