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Sarah: A Little Something to Ease Separation at School

Sarah's son is her absolute world and it was heartbreaking to see how upset he would get when she had to leave him at school. Like many other children, lockdown had an impact on how he felt about going to school after so much time at home around his family, and he felt anxious about separating from her.

Sarah had the idea of sending him in with a message he can keep with him all day long, that he could look at when he was missing her. 

She got in contact to see what we could make for her as we didn't have anything quite right for this on the website, but we came up with the perfect idea together and we decided to make him a Pocket Square he could keep with him whenever they were apart. Sarah got straight to work and wrote a message that she knew would make him him to feel loved and never alone.

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When Sarah saw what we had made she cried she was so happy with it.

"Literally just got all goosebumps and eyes filled with tears. Thank you so much, I love it! Literally love it!"

And when her son saw what she had made for him for the first time he was filled with love and pure relief that everything would be ok. That same day he took it with him to his friends house and kept it with him in his bed all night. Since then he has taken it with him to school every day and kept it close to him in his pocket all day long.

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Sarah told us the difference it has made has been amazing and it helps him settle so well when she leaves him at school now, she just hopes that this idea will help more children who also suffer from separation anxiety too.

Would you like to make your own Close-To-You Pocket Square? Find out more here.

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