Personalised Dad Tshirt

Holly, Rowan & George: The Personalised Dad Tshirt for a Big Birthday Surprise

Personalised Dad Tshirt

With her husband Steven’s 40th birthday coming up, Holly, and her children Rowan and George, wanted a special birthday surprise to match the occasion. 
Holly was planning a grown-ups trip to New York and being a creative bunch, the family decided to bring their talents together. The kids drew an NYC-themed design and Holly came to us to print the perfect personalised Dad Tshirt.
personalised Dad Tshirt

Because the children weren’t going on the trip, Holly felt it was really important that they would still feel part of the birthday celebrations.

personalised Dad Tshirt

She already knew that we’d come up with a superb quality Tshirt (as the kids each have a Design Your Own Christmas Jumper) but George and Rowan's delight at being involved was like an extra-special gift of its own. Mum Holly makes colourful childrens clothing at Rockit Kids and now they had become secret fashion designers too! They couldn’t wait for Dad to wear his Tshirt!

personalised Dad Tshirt
When Steven called the kids from New York in his personalised Dad Tshirt, the whole plan came together. He was so surprised and happy that the kids had taken the time to draw him something so thoughtful and unique - and they thought Daddy wearing their artwork was amazing too! 
personalised daddy t shirt
This Tshirt has travelled all the way across the Atlantic and right up to the ‘Top of the Rock’! Personal birthday surprises don’t come better than that. And now they have an extra special momento they can look back on and enjoy for years to come too! 
personalised dad t shirt
personalised dad tshirt

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