personalised christmas stockings

Charlie, Adam & Lars: Personalised Christmas Stockings for a New Family Tradition

first christmas together

As a little girl, Charlie and her sister had always got up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning to sneak downstairs and take a secret peek inside their stockings. As they've grown up, their pressies from Santa have evolved to include a Buck’s Fizz but they would still go down early to start Christmas Day like they did when they were kids! 

A few years later and Charlie still loves Christmas as much as ever - but this year would be different. She’d been spending it with her partner, Adam, away from her family for their first ever Christmas together.

special family tradition

Charlie and Adam decided it was time to create their own special Christmas traditions with a magical build-up to the big day itself. And what better way to set the scene than with beautifully personalised Christmas stockings?

Charlie ordered one for them both and when the stockings arrived she was delighted by the quality and service. Each stocking had a gorgeous ceramic star with their name, carefully tied on and ready to decorate the mantelpiece. 

personalised christmas stockings

merry christmas to us

On Christmas morning, Charlie and Adam got up early and headed downstairs to their stockings....

"We hung them by the fireplace on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning they were full of treats, miniature bottles of Gin, a Terry’s chocolate orange, satsumas, perfume and Christmas stocks. It was so lovely to continue our family tradition on our own home."

This was all the Christmas magic of childhood but reimagined for a brand new home and future together. And this year, for the very first time, Lars the dog is going to get his own stocking too as he was a bit put out he didn't get one last year! A brand new tradition, full of Christmas magic they’ll never forget.

personalised christmas stockings

personalised christmas stockings

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