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Ashleigh and Tanya: Honouring Loved Ones On Their Wedding Days

We have two very special stories to share with you of how Ashleigh and Tanya honoured memories of their loved ones on their recent wedding days.

Ashleigh's story

"My mums brother (my uncle) died 20 years ago this May, I was only 3 years old and although there are pictures, I have no memories of him. He wrote me a message in my baby book that I would love to have sewn into my wedding dress. I would love to surprise my mum with this special moment on my wedding day."

Ashleigh had the wonderful idea of creating an incredibly special moment for her mum on her wedding day. She sent us a photo of her baby book with her uncles handwriting in and asked us to make her a patch for her wedding dress. She chose a pale blue so the handwritten message could be her "something blue" and kept the whole idea a surprise while we made her secret patch for her.

wedding dress handwritten message patch

When the time came to reveal her patch to her mum on her wedding day she was excited to see her reaction. Her mum was very emotional and thought the idea was so special.

"Words cannot describe how much this meant to me and my family and it’s a memory we will keep forever. Thank you so much for letting me do this, I fell in love with my dress even more."

wedding dress patch with loved ones handwriting

Tanya's story

Tanya was due to get married in 2022 when her brother sadly passed away.

They postponed their wedding and it was rearranged for this year. Tanya was really happy to hear of our wedding dress patches as she had been looking for a way to honour his memory and keep him close on their special day. She sent us a photo of his handwriting from a card and chose dark navy blue for the print so his message could be her "something blue".

"I love it... so do my parents. It will be amazing to have a part of him with us"

wedding memorial ideas


A huge thank you to both Ashleigh and Tanya for allowing us to share their special stories.

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