A Personalised Baby Vest for a Perfect Proposal

Amy: A Personalised Baby Vest for a Perfect Proposal

Personalised baby vest wedding proposal

...it can feel like a lot of pressure to get it just right! Amy wanted to show her partner Abbie just how much she meant to her by popping that once-in-a-lifetime question in a way that Abbie would never forget. 

But how?

personalised baby vest wedding proposal

Amy knew that Abbie was expecting “Will you marry me?” at some point so she wanted to plan something different and a little bit unexpected. It didn’t have to be the biggest gesture - but it would have to mean a lot to show how much Amy appreciated Abbie’s kindness and love. 


Amy was pregnant and had been blown away by Abbie’s support for her and the bump. She decided that a personalised baby vest would be the perfect item to help pop the question. After all, how could anyone resist a message delivered on the tummy of a new and very special little person?!

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personalised baby vest wedding proposal

Amy’s friend drew the design to go on the front of the personalised baby vest which read “Will you marry my mummy?”

 personalised baby vest wedding proposal

We printed it onto a beautifully soft little cotton vest in navy blue and when Amy saw the gift for the first time she was even more excited. It wasn’t just her baby she couldn’t wait to see but also Abbie’s reaction when she saw the big question. 


Exactly a week after their son was born, and at the exact same time of day, Amy gave Abbie her gift. Abbie’s reaction was a treat. She was so surprised, asking “Really…?” first of all, followed by a great big “YES!”

 Personalised Baby Vest for a Perfect Proposal

With happy tears all round, this brand new little family was ready to start their life together. And even after that tiny little boy is grown and flies the nest, their personalised baby vest will stay with them as a reminder of a precious moment they never want to forget. 


personalised baby vest wedding proposal


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