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Alice: A Personalised Handwriting Frame to Remember Much-Loved People

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For Alice and her mum, there’s nothing more special than family. When Alice’s auntie passed away, and her mum had to say goodbye to her sister for the very last time, everyone felt the loss deeply. 

Alice had such fond memories of her auntie and the big family holidays they had all taken together in Cornwall. She wondered what she could do to help her mum through such a difficult time and remember the sister she’d lost. 

handwriting frame

Alice had the idea to frame a sample of her auntie’s handwriting so that her mum could keep it forever. As she searched for the right sample through old notes and letters, she came across bits of her grandfather and grandmother’s writing too. Perhaps she could frame all three together and make a gift that would mean the world to her mum…


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Alice put in her order and a short while later, the frame arrived. She was delighted not only with the quality of the gift and how personal it was, but the whole process had been so fast and easy. This was going to be the best Christmas gift her mum had ever had. 

handwriting frame

When Alice’s mum opened the frame she couldn’t believe her eyes. 

"My mother absolutely adores the frame! She was so so happy with it that she put it up on the wall in her bedroom so she can see it every morning! When she opened it she was slightly taken aback at first as she realised who the three bits of handwriting belonged to. She got a bit emotional but has said that it’s such a special present to her and every time she looks at it she has a lot of fond memories of her parents as well as her sister. It is something that will now always be treasured."

At Olive & Pip we are so grateful to be part of moments like this, and glad we can in some way provide a small amount of comfort; there is something so personal and special about a loved ones handwriting.


handwriting memory gift


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