valentines day ideas

Valentines Day ideas for the Family

Valentines Day ideas for the Family

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do your kids love to get involved? Ella loves it, she calls it "Love Day". For the last couple of years we have had a special family meal at home with lots off hearts all over the place- she thinks its fab!

I decided to make a blog with a few kid-friendly ideas for inspiration ❤️

Heart Sun Catchers

I know it might not be all that sunny at the moment but how sweet are these! My little one loves creating decorations for the house and I know she would find these really fun to make- anything that involves glue and possibly getting messy 😆

You can find out how to make them here...

(You can use regular PVA glue instead of Mod Podge)


valentines day ideas for the family

Snacks! Obviously! Loads of fun to make and even more fun to eat. I love this jazzed up popcorn idea, especially if you are having a movie night! There's actually loads of cute food ideas on this website too for Valentine's Day...


valentines day ideas for the family

Valentine's Day Party Games!

Ok so we don't all have a home that looks like it is straight off a page on Pinterest but I do like the idea here! The kids could even make their own naughts and crosses (or hugs and kisses) out of coloured card instead of using balloons

There are some other cool ideas here including "Musical hearts" and "Cupids arrow toss". If you have crafty kids I am sure they will love making these games at home as well as playing them.

Perfect for keeping the little monkeys busy during half term!!

See some more ideas here...

valentines day ideas for the family

Whats that, Valentine's Day science experiments for kids?! I have heard it all now 🤣

I have to admit I am definitely not a parent who usually reaches for the messy activities (we are on a play doh and slime ban!!) but I know for sure the kids would LOVE this!

It is a baking soda-glitter-explosion experiment!

Find out more here...

valentines day ideas for the family

A Valentines Snug- how cute is this!! It is actually just a little den under the dining table with loads of snuggly cushions and fairy lights, they even filled an empty champagne bottle with squash for the little one's!

I saw this last weekend and was desperate to give it a try- you can see my rubbish version of this in the second photo! I did pimp it up a bit after taking the pic and added some fairly lights too! And even though mine was pretty pants in comparison the kids still thought it was great fun to play in. Particularly Jake- can you spot him?!…/

valentines day ideas for the family

Last but not least a Valentine's Day card craft for the little ones. I love this idea because bigger kiddies could make it themselves but it would also work really well with babies and smaller kids by just using their actual handprints.

It is a great big hug in a card- "I love you... THIS MUCH"

Details on how to make them are here...

valentines day ideas for the family

valentines day ideas for the family


I would love to know if you try any of these out! you can drop me a message here or on Facebook

If you are looking for Valentines Day gifts check out the shop! (Valentines Day 14th February)

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