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Staying in is the new going out

Haven't you heard? Staying in is the new going out!

Ok so maybe not, but lets just pretend we have all made the choice to have lots of cosy days and nights at home. At the moment, we are getting through day by day and having something to look forward to and break up the days has been really positive for us. SO, I came up with a few new designs for you! My new "night in" personalised box range has been created to spark some little moments of joy for you and your family while you are at home through lockdown.


First up, the Movie Night Box! Now this is one huge positive we have taken from the first lockdown and intend to continue with it; we now have a family movie night on a Friday most weeks and we really look forward to it! We pull out the sofa bed, stock up on snacks and have a snuggle on the sofa watching a film. Surprise the family with this fun personalised crate you can pull out time and time again.

family movie night box


Second up we have the Date Night Box. Whether you are in a couple or with kids you need to make some quality time just for you. Break up the week, have something to look forward to or pull it out as a surprise after a long day. Fill it with a bottle of bubbly, flowers, some gorgeous candles or whatever you need to make a cosy romantic atmosphere for your date night at home.

date night box


And last but definitely not least- the Valentine's Day Box ; make this Valentine's Day at home extra special and one to remember. Again, you can use this as a couple or for the whole family. Surprise them with this gorgeous personalised box filled with treats or gifts and start a new tradition you can bring out year after year.

valentines day box


So that's your nights in sorted for a while!

Times are changing and these aren't my only lockdown inspired gifts, if you want to send someone a little pick me up in the post to make them smile you can check out my Letterbox Gifts here too.

It has been a rocky start to the year and we have had some definite up and down days already over here, I just wanted send you all a virtual hug and to say- hang in there!


Take care,

little things by Lucy

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