Our Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Our Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Our Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

I am excited to have a guest blogger giving her lowdown on the best gift ideas this Fathers Day- welcome Lauren from Carpe Diem Pizzas!

Some people don’t believe in Heroes, they haven’t met my Dad.

It is that time of year again when everyone goes into panic mode, how do you get a gift that shows your appreciation for the main guy in your life? No not your boyfriend, or your best friend and definitely not your annoying little brother but your Dad! It can be a minefield, how much to spend? What does he love again? Am I just buying this for the sake of it? (we have all been there!) Stop panicking and read our guide below, sorted into categories depending on their interests. For me gifts don’t have to be expensive, it is all about the thought that goes into them, that’s what makes gifts extra special. If you don’t have a huge budget to play with remember one thing, Dad’s would be just as happy to spend some quality time with you. So don’t stress and read our guide below to help you through the Father’s Day Gift panic!

Foodie Dads

Make them their favourite Cake or cook them Dinner check out Carpe Diem Blog for Cake Recipe ideas



Buy them a new Cookbook, plenty of Supermarkets sell Cookbooks for around £10 or TK Maxx is another great place to get discount cookbooks. All Dad’s love a BBQ, so why not buy them a new cookbook to up their BBQ anti check out the independent recommendations here.



Vouchers for their favourite food place, Carpe Diem Pizzas start from £5


Mid- Range

Get your personalised apron from Little Things by Lucy with a picture or handwritten message drawn by your children!


Foodie Hamper full of lots of amazing goodies! Check out The Little Deli, Hitchin they have some incredible unique foodie goodies for sale, from incredible cheeses to Prosecco Pop Balls



Voucher for a Tasting Menu at an amazing restaurant The Kite at the Hart offers an amazing locally sourced Tasting Menu


Voucher for a Cookery course Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School is great, they have a wide range of classes. Something for everyone to enjoy.

Garden Lovers


Good at Painting? Decorate a Plant Pot with colourful designs, perfect way to liven up your Patio.

Make a Birdseed Wreath tie with a pretty ribbon



Buy a pretty Plant Pot and fill with seeds for a Cocktail Herb Garden – Think Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Lavender and Sage seeds.


Not into Cooking? Why not use your Personalised Apron in the Garden

Personalised Seed Box with your child’s drawing from Little Things by Lucy, £36.99 



Why not invest in a Fire Pit for the Garden? Nearly every boy that I know has a weird thing about fires… why not make their dreams come true with a Fire Pit.

Sports Lovers


Does your Dad keep his old Sporting Tickets? Make a collage and put them in a picture frame.

Make some Cupcakes in the theme of his favourite Sport, you can even get edible Cake Toppers with his team’s kit on. Check out eBay for some good deals.


Embrace your Dad’s competitiveness and go and play a sport together, from Foot Golf to Badminton there are so many options to choose from. Bonus points for spending quality time with your Dad.



Buy his favourite team’s Mug and fill it with some of his favourite sweets.


Got a piccy of you and your Dad playing footie or at a match? Put it in a personalised frame from Little Things by Lucy



Buy you and your Dad tickets to his teams next match, if it is in another town or country why not make a weekend of it?

Tipple Lovers

Why not make your own Raspberry Vodka, perfect for the Summer


From Guinness to Gin & Tonic you can turn your Dad’s favourite tipple into a delicious Cake



Personalised Glass some are available from as little as £1.50!

Cocktail Shaker Supermarkets are selling some lovely ones from £8



Bottle of his favourite Liquor or Wine

Case of Brewdog and Friends Beer, from £12.99



Wine Subscription from £29.95 a month

Sipsmith Supper Club £85 Includes Distillery Tour, Gin Tasting, Bottle of Gin and 3 Course Dinner


Music Lovers


Make your Dad a Playlist of all of your Dad’s favourite Songs, or go really old school and make him a CD!


Greatest Hits CD/Vinyl of his favourite Band, from £10


Take him to your local for the next Live Music Night, why not make a night of it and go out for dinner before or after! The Hermitage has a Sunday Funk Night every week with £5 cocktails!


Favourite Song on a Song Colour Wave Print, £25


Vinyl Player and his Favourite Album on Vinyl, £69.95


Tickets to his favourite Bands next Gig, from £35 for large arenas

Pampered Dads


At Home Spa Day, think Candles and Face Masks, from £1 each


Scented Candles, nope not just for Girls lots of candles of masculine notes in, £15


Skin Care Products, get your Dad some of his favourite Products or get him something new to try.


Spa Day or Even Night Away, from £30

Dads with Newborns


Get Crafty, no I don’t mean hiding your receipts … Mum and Baby Arts and Crafts, think hand and footprint art very sentimental and a lovely keepsake.


Personalised Voucher Book, New Borns take up a lot of your time so why not write down some vouchers for ‘me time’, £5.


Daddy and Me Picture in a Personalised Frame from Little Things by Lucy, £24.49



Family Photoshoot, £75


With all the options it is easy to get overwhelmed; if you can try and find your gift ideas in local independent shops. There are 4.9 million small businesses in the UK and it is always rising. A scary 50% will fail within the first 5 years, even if it’s just a Card, it really can make a difference to small business owners.Like other Special Days it can be hard for people whose Fathers aren’t in their lives, especially when they are reminded of the fact wherever they go. Just remember it never hurts to show someone kindness. Whether that is just being thoughtful to a friend who is having a hard time or supporting a local business in any way you can.  


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