Fun Ideas For Halloween at Home 2020

Fun Ideas For Halloween at Home 2020

Fun Ideas For Halloween at Home 2020

It has only just dawned on me that my kids (and my...) favourite day of the year probably isn't going to be the same this year! So I have put together 10 ideas for a fun stay at home spook-fest everyone will love!

1) Carving the pumpkin, obviously.

Carving the pumpkin is an age old tradition which we do every year. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes its a messy disaster and the kids are too keen to get out and get those sweets to pay any attention to it 🤣 Over the last couple of years I have seen more and more awesome pumpkin design ideas, especially the ones which have been decorated instead of carved- which is great if you have young kids like mine as they can get fully involved and are not likely too get bored half way through! 

no carve pumpkin decorating

2) Decorate the house

Seeing as you will be at home you can go all out on decorations this year! Get the kids to help make them, put them inside and out so your neighbours can enjoy them too! Last year we made these giant spider webs out of bin bags, they were so easy and looked really effective- we were able to keep them too to use this year!

 diy halloween decorations

Or if you are not keen on getting crafty there are loads of really cool Halloween decorations from amazing small businesses you can support- I love this bat garland from Always in Stitches

halloween bat garland

3) Dress up in something fun!

Just because you aren't going out it doesn't mean you cant have loads of fun dressing up. Have you seen our GLOW IN THE DARK Draw Your Own Halloween Tee's?? The kids can design one for everyone in the family and you can all have your own spooky character for the night!

glow in the dark halloween t shirts

You could even play hide and seek in the dark and see if you can spot each other's glow in the dark character hiding!

4) Have some ghoulishly good snacks

Here are a couple of fun ideas for DIY Halloween treats you can make at home. There are LOADS of cool ideas on Pinterest!

halloween food ideas

I am seriously untalented in the kitchen and last year I "made" some monster cakes by buying some little chocolate fairy cakes, covering them in green icing and putting little edible eyes on top. They were SUPER easy and looked really fun!

5) Play Halloween games!

Again, there's loads of cool halloween party game ideas on Pinterest, one of my faves is the toilet paper Mummy race. We played this at my daughters 3rd birthday party and it was really funny (and super easy to organise all you need is toilet paper!). The kids would race each other to wrap up the grown ups until all their toilet paper has gone! Simple but funny. If there isn't 4 of you, you could time them instead of racing.

Or of course take it back to the old school with some traditional apple bobbing or a donut eating race!

halloween party games

Something else I used to love playing as a kid was the mystery bowl game where the kids have to put their hands into bowls of "eye balls" (peeled grapes) and "brains" (cold spaghetti) blindfolded.

6) Indoor trick or treat hunt

One of the best things about halloween for kids is the treats!! Keep it fun and hide your treats around the house for them to find, you could even use treasure hunt clues like these awesome ready made ones from Buddy's Little Daisy- we have just bought them and I can't wait to set this up for the kids!

 halloween treat hunt

7) Make sure you take some fun family photos!

Here are our little pumpkins the year before last 🎃

 halloween family photo

8) Have a glow disco

Why didn't the skeleton dance at the disco? He had no BODY to dance with...

We love playing around with glow sticks in our house, and we love dancing around to silly music! We definitely plan to have a dance around this Halloween at home. Have you seen this really fun idea?? All you need to do is sellotape glowsticks to your bodies and turn the lights off!

halloween glow party

9) Tell ghost stories

Only for the brave. Be extra spOoOoky and tell them under a bed sheet with a torch on your face! Or around a little campfire in the garden while you toast marshmallows!

10) Watch a "scary" film

After you have peeled the kids off the ceiling from all the sweeties, a good film might be just what you need to snuggle up to to chill out before bed!


So thats all from me, I hope you enjoy some of these ideas- have a frightfully fabulous Halloween 2020!

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