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Getting The Perfect Handwritten Sleeve Print For Your Hoodie

I want to talk to you about getting the perfect print for your Secret Message Hoodie!

As you may know we designed these gorgeous personalised sweaters and hoodies last year with one thing in mind... to make you feel loved all day long! But so much more has come about since we first designed them; they also help you stay connected when you are apart and our twinning/kids hoodies support children with separation anxiety too. We have made hundreds and each one has a completely different personalised cuff print, and its own unique story.

Some of the special hoodies we have made include:

🌈 Hoodies for parents who have sadly needed to be apart from their children while they are in hospital- they have brought them comfort with their childs handwritten message on the sleeve, and matching sweaters for the children who were missing their parent too.

🌈 Hoodies for children from shared parenting families, so they could feel close to the parents they were apart from.

🌈 Hidden messages for best friends with "in" jokes and rude names 😂

🌈 Handwritten sleeve messages from loved ones who are no longer with us

Plus of course the hundreds of hoodies with love letters and doodles, just made to make someone smile!

childs handwriting sleeve print

Why do we love the hidden messages on the sleeve? Because they are just for your eyes only, and when you catch sight of your wrists as you go about your every day business, you are reminded of how much you are loved / made to laugh / reminded of happy memories / feel a burst of joy.

Here are our 3 top tips to get the perfect handwriting sleeve hoodie:

1) Keep it short and simple

Due to the small print area (about the size of a Post-It note) smaller/ more basic doodles and shorter notes work best- otherwise we would have to reduce their size too much and loose some detail

2) Use a dark felt tip (if possible)

If a new note is being made, a felt tip works best. They way we print is by cutting with vinyl rather than printing using ink (this means we can use our signature metallics!) so the lines need to be thick enough to cut out.

3) Ask us to edit it rather than starting again

If there are parts you love but you don't want the whole picture- let us know and we can edit just the parts you want to use!


What if the note has already been made using a different type of pen?

We know you can't always plan what your little love notes get written with. We can still work with drawings thats haven't been made with a felt tip, but if the writing is very small we may loose a bit of the detail (for example the holes within some letters). If you are not sure if we can use it please send us a photo before you order and we will be happy to give you some advice on the style of print that would work best.

 handwritten sleeve message hoodie

We hope you enjoy making your hidden message sweaters and hoodies, and look forward to sharing loads more of them on Instagram with you this year!

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