Don't let your First Mothers Day go by without trying one of these 3 things ❤️

Don't let your First Mothers Day go by without trying one of these 3 things ❤️

Don't let your First Mothers Day go by without trying one of these 3 things ❤️

Are you celebrating your first Mothers Day this year? I remember mine well- although Ella was obviously too little to know what was going on it still felt like such a special day! I thought I would share some ways you can mark the occasion by making special memories together on your first Mothers day...

Who else is guilty of not having enough photos with you in?!

# 1 Have some photos taken of you and your little one. They don't need to be professional just some fun, natural photos of you doing what you do! 

You could even dress your little one up and have a little home-photoshoot of them just for fun like this one from Dreaming of Leonardo

Want something to dress them up in? We can make you your very own gorgeous tiny personalised baby vest! They aren't yet live on the website but will be coming soon... we actually have a competition running at the moment on Facebook to win one!

first mothers day baby bodysuit

# 2 Write a letter to your little one. Tell them what it's like to be their Mummy, what they do that makes you smile, what you do together and what you are looking forward to as they grow older. You could even do this every year and give them to them as a gift on one of their special birthdays.

One of my favourite things to make are my keepsake boxes- which can also be used as a time capsule for your little one to open when they are older. They are so perfect to keep lovely letters like this, favourite photos and other little keepsakes from their time growing up.

I also make boxes for Mummies and Daddies to use for their treasures too. My husband loves using his for his favourite photos, drawings and handmade gifts from the kiddies.

# 3 Take your baby's handprint. Remember their beautiful tiny fingers or tiny toes. Another perfect addition to your keepsake box or time capsule!

Did you know we can turn their actual handprint into a gorgeous frame printed on organic cotton canvas in a high shine metallic print? We have just launched a limited edition rose gold colour way just for Mothers Day! We can also add a little hand stamped message above and below the print so you can always remember this was "Mummy's first Mother's Day"

first mothers day baby handprint frame

I will be writing a new blog very soon with my tried and tested top tips of how to get the best results from your baby handprint at home.

Or if you would like somewhere to display your adorable photo-shoot photos you could use one of our "First Mother's Day" photo frames! If you aren't too worried about being subtle, this would be a good one to hint at for a gift!

Whatever you do have the most amazing day with your gorgeous little one! 

little things by Lucy

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