best kids christmas gifts 2023

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids, Our Top Picks!

Welcome to our third Christmas gift guide: Best Christmas Presents for Kids!

In this instalment we will be showing you some great ideas for unique presents for kids that they are bound to love, especially if they are creative and love to draw!

Childrens Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you kids love to help out in the kitchen? We have the perfect gift for children who love to cook and bake... their own personalised chef hats! Top tip: to get their handwriting without them realising, play a quiz game with them where two of the answers are their name and the word chef. Don't forget to give them a felt tip to write with to get the best possible print!

kids personalised chef hat

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Next up we have the perfect present ideas for any budding young fashion designer; T shirts and Jumpers made with their own design! Our Draw Your Own T Shirt and Draw Your Own Jumper is a must have for any child who loves to put their own stamp on their outfit and show off their creative flair! Surprise them by using a drawing they have made that they are really proud of :)

design your own t shirt kids

childrens drawing jumper

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The great news is that we also have gift box kits for T Shirts and Jumpers too. If you know your little one would like to make a new design for their own top this is the perfect way to turn a voucher into a proper present they can open. The gift box kits include paper and a pen for drawing, instructions and a voucher code to order their T Shirt or Jumper in their size and favourite colour combination. We also now do gift boxes to make their own glow in the dark Pyjamas too!

childrens gift voucher

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Do you think your little one would love something to help them feel close to you while you are apart? You have probably seen that this is our speciality! We love patches at Christmas because they can be popped onto anything to make it super special for them. A snuggly new blanket for bedtime, a new coat, a teddy, or even something they already have to make it extra special for them. Have you seen that we also have patches that glow in the dark too!

love note patch

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If your child is in the phase of really making their bedroom their own, this might be the perfect thing. A pillow with their favourite drawing on! We have made lots of these before as surprise gifts and know they have gone down very well with the little artist!

childrens drawing cushion

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And of course we can't forget something special for Christmas Day! (Or Christmas Jumper Day if you are looking for an early gift!). Personalised with their own design, the Draw Your Own Christmas Jumper is bound to be their favourite thing to wear this festive season! In 3 festive colours with metallic print options to choose from, our jumpers just got even more magical!

draw your own Christmas Jumper

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 This is just a small snapshot of our most popular gifts for children. Want to take a look at the whole collection? Check it out below!

Missed the other gift guides we have made for the family? You can catch up here. We will be adding one a week in the run up to Christmas including Gifts for Grandparents, Gifts for Dads, Gifts for Aunties and Uncles, Gifts for Mums (and hint dropping for you!), Gifts for Teachers, and Gifts for Pets/Pet Lovers. But if you can't wait that long you can shop for the special people in your life easily in our carefully curated collections using the menu at the top of the page under "Family and Friends" 😊

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