Gifts to help children prepare for school

We think these would be great to give your child a few months before they start school to start gently introducing the idea of school to them.

starting school book for children

Starting School Book, Daisy Upton

This book came out most loved from our customers when we asked them!

Share this gentle, funny guide with your child to support them - and you! - with uniforms, meeting their first teacher, getting to school on the first day, making new friends, finding their way around, having fun at playtime, asking for help, packing their bag, learning about letters and numbers, going to assemblies, getting changed for PE, and much more.

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starting school mindful journal for children

'I am ready for school' mindful journal, Be Happy Resources

Be Happy Resources have tonnes of downloadable resources to support your childs mental health and wellbeing. We love this 'ready for school' journal and activity book.

If you purchase one of our patches you get access to this booklet for free! Or you can access all of their wonderful resources for just £2.49p/m, what a bargain!

Be Happy Resources
starting school book for children

'The Colour Monster goes to school' book, Anna Llenas

We love the Colour Monster series, aimed at helping children understand and express their emotions.

Anna Llenas's popular Colour Monster is back, and this time he's heading off to school! But what exactly is school? A spooky castle filled with terrifying animals? A place in the sky, amongst the rainbows and clouds?From music lessons, to lunchtime, to making new friends, the Colour Monster's first day of school is filled with exciting new adventures.

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Gift ideas for their first day at school

These gifts would be perfect to give your child within the week before they start school or on their first day (if this wouldn't be too overwhelming for them).

first day at school photo prop banner

Preserving memories

Our first day at school banners are made with your little ones handwriting or doodle so you keep treasure the memory of how they were when they first started school.

If you choose to get this before they start school you can use this banner as a cute photo prop for their first day at school photo!

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getting ready for school

Helping them to settle in

Our Love Note Patches are designed to support your little one with their transition to school and beyond.

They can be made with your handwriting and can be ironed into your child's school uniform so they have a way to feel close to you all day, in order to give them comfort and confidence.

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school lunch box affirmation cards for children

Affirmation cards

We love these for lunch boxes! Or for kids with school lunches they can be popped into their bag or pocket.

They are bright and colourful and a little bit of novelty and excitement for your little one. You can read them to your child so they have a little positive joyful message for the day.

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After school treats

These ideas would be perfect to help your child regulate after school or are little treats for the end of the day

after school snacks


Something to eat straight after school (ideally on the way home) is SO beneficial for kids, trust me they will come out HUNGRY. A quick snack also helps them to stay emotionally regulated after their busy day.

I love these reusable pouches which can be used for yoghurt or even jelly for the journey home. They also have reusable ice pop bags for hot days too!

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free printable treat night voucher for kids

Treat night voucher

Perfect for the end of their first week! We absolutely love having a family night on a Friday anyway but we try and do something extra special after the first week back at school. You could consider giving them their voucher at the start of the week so they have something to look forward to.

Make your own or use one ours below!

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sensory fidgets for children after school

Fidgets and sensory tools

Not only do kids tend to love the novelty of fidgets and squishes, they are also really beneficial to help them stay regulated. We are huge advocates of putty in our house (not messy like slime!) as not only does it keep them occupied it really helps with calming.

We have a lot more to say on the topic of sensory fidgets and strategies to support your child (new blog coming soon on this!)

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Celebrate their art!

Your children our bound to bring home lots of weird and wonderful creations and these frames are fabulous as they double up as storage. They hold 150 A4 pictures and you can just pop each new one in front of the other!

This means you have an ever changing colourful art display, and your child will love that their work is being celebrated!

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For you

For first time school parents it can be a LOT! I am still learning how to stay organised a few years in! Here are some of my fave hacks and solutions which have helped me keep it together.

school week planner for parents

Fridge calendar/ organiser

We have this and it has been an absolute godsend! It includes 3 magnetic wipe clean organisers- one for the month, a more detailed week plan and a shopping list.

We use the weekly one to mark which days the kids have packed lunches, what we are having for dinner (if I have been organised) and any other activities and clubs etc. I am not exaggerating when I say we were living in chaos before having this 😂

Another bonus is that the markers are magnetic so they can be stored on the fridge and won't get lost 🙌

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fridge magnet clip organisers

Fridge magnets

Super handy for things you need to remember. Where regular fridge magnets just won't cut it (with the amount of letters and things to remember!) these pegs are great. We have one for each of us with letters and tickets and things we are going to need.

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Bigger gifts

We love these for bigger occasions that you might wish to celebrate such as the end of their first term or for overcoming a challenge

best ideas for children starting school 2024

For their favourite drawing

It is likely your little one will start to doodle more. Do they have a favourite drawing they would love to display in their room?

Or did they make you something adorable you want to keep on the wall forever?

Children's Drawing Print
best gifts for kids 2024

Clothes, but fun!

What better way to put their new artistic skills to good use, than by making themselves a T shirt with their own drawing on!

Design Your Own T Shirt Gift Box